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Sale of Companies with a History

Does your foreign partner require you to have an activity history? Are the banks reluctant to interact with the newly created company? Or maybe one of the requirements to receive the EU support is that the company must be at least one year old? Then the best solution for you is to buy an already established company, which has already been in operation.

Companies, which we sell, have already been audited by lawyers and accountants, and have no debts and liabilities.

You will only have to sign the company’s sale and purchase documents, and documents to be submitted to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers. We will register changes in the State Enterprise Centre of Registers within 1-2 days, whereas you will be able to immediately engage in activities.

Currently we offer for sale the following companies:

Company name Year of Establishment Company Code The authorized capital
UAB “Hanni Trading” 2008 301622773 10 000.00 Lt
UAB “Fenix Lt” 2011 302656198 10 000.00 Lt
UAB “Baltic SPB” 2010 302572782 100 000.00 Lt
UAB “Neva Trans” 2011 302672918 10 000.00 Lt